Warsamé Ahmed

An innovator, an entrepreneur, and a co-founder of BR[AI]YT.

Warsamé Ahmed, is beautifying the Canadian startup ecosystem by helping businesses of different sorts and sizes automate their data-intensive processes with cognitive automation solutions. Having a strong appetite for cutting-edge technology, Warsame is aiming to move forward on the path of enhancing human capabilities with artificial intelligence (AI).

Starting his career in the IT industry in the private sector, Warsame shifted his path into the public service, then jumped back and forth between public and private sectors. With such a diverse portfolio, he profoundly understands the distinction between both sectors regarding the embrace of technology. In contrast to the governments’ hesitation toward advanced technology adoption, the private sector – keeping up with the pressure of competition, provided Warsame more spacious room for creativity. The opportunities to better experiment and play with these advanced technologies then piqued the young Warsame’s interest and curiosity towards avant-garde technology.

Six years ago, the entrepreneur Warsamé was running his start-up business in the field of big data. With clients such as University of Toronto, the company collected data from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to identify the key influencers in specific topics worldwide. The enormous data collected every millisecond and the insights extracted from unstructured data had impressed Warsame tremendously. The interest was piqued to the highest level in 2015 when he took part in an AI program at UC Berkeley where Warsame envisioned the possibility of a machine learning business, data with AI algorithms.